Monday, July 04, 2005

Part 5(might be 6): The Last bastion aka The ACS years (all two)

So the end of the series. *focus* Right so i had moved to Hemel a whole year before i started at ACS. In that year before i, met mike & josh, so in fact it could be argued that hes one of my oldest mates. They were the only people i knew who went to Astley, there was paul too actually. Anyways My mum actually wanted me to go to Watford Grammer in Watford of all places. But after Astley i had grown to like non "my arse is in the air" places, plus if i had to commute another 5 seconds i would lose my mind. So i went for a little interview with the legend that is Mr. Beer. He told me the usual lies, "bullying doesn't happened here", "We ensure that race isn't an issue", "we're a constantly improving school" etc. Anyways i looked around the place and thought wow this place looks fairly interesting, and cool, ok. So then sir told me that there was a 6th form induction day. Ok i get to meet some people, the first day me had a certain teacher who shall remain unamed who moaned about a certain group of people being late back from lunch. It was also the first and last day i walked home for lunch, you just can't do a 3 mile round trip in 50 minutes.
Anyways the people i sat with on that first day, in case you've forgot were, Mark, Phil, Daniel, and Vass(it's two "s"s right?). There was another bloke who started with me called chris(not hillsy) who failed to get the grades to get in ,How did he do that?. There were a bunch of other folks there too(you know who you were). Anyways i tried to look fairly cool as you do, after that we did some team games, and stuff and that was it. Now heres a confession, i've told some of ya but not everone. On my way home after that first day, i wrote down all your names in my organiser along with a brief description so i could remember you all several months later. Some like this...
  • Vass- Tall and Ginger
  • Mark- My height with Beard

Anyways then there was my first day, i studied my list, and pretended to magically remember everyones name(sorry my memory is really crap, i sometimes forget how to spell my own name). I did my thing and tried my best to fit and it was working slowly. What really helped it was Mike deciding to come back, its always easier to get along with people when you got at least one person that knows everyone else unless its party cause then it just doesn't work as well. I got vivid memories of most of that first term. Sue's laughing, scared me at first, but i got used to it. The strangest thing about that entire year was that i never spoke to charlotte once i think. Thou to her credit she wasn't there for the whole year. anyways how i love her(like friend who makes blowjob mock ups). Anyway if i keep up at this rate i'll go on for ages which is never a good thing.
My best bits(no funny stuff!) or at least the most memorable
  • Sam losing her phone on our first consortium trip
  • Phils first "6th form" house party
  • Everyone thinking that i was from Africa, i still laugh about that one
  • My failed BBQ
  • Going to History with Stewart D(Legend)
  • Waxing Chris for his Birthday
  • Meeting all the current year 12's(boy was i tired that day)
  • Playing Football for the school(1 apperance, lol)
  • Playing footie at lunch with the old yr13's and new yr 12's
  • Having Viki/Vicky/Victora Throw-up on my hand, then wanna dance
  • Hanging out with Clare on Prom nite
  • Going to Thorpe Park both times
  • The mish round grovehill when chris was "courting" fay
  • Mark's non-eventful fight with youssef
  • Watching Blake hack the school systems
  • Calling Carly's dad a "Strange guy" by accident
  • Mr. Adams
  • Watching Phil Carry bingall on his back
  • Playing pool around Tiff's(i won the first game, never won since)
  • Listening my first 2pac album(all eyez on me)
  • Getting Flashed(don't ask who)
  • The night shell went crazy
  • The Poo P0rn Party
  • My english trip to London(i got us lost, lol)
  • Getting lost in Grovehill(2 twice at last count)
  • Seeing some yr12's on the telly one saturday
  • My walks home with a number of people; Sam, Nic, Hanna, Tiff, Danny & Viki
  • Getting told i'm white
  • That shot of Gin at the prom(never again)
  • Watching mike play football drunk

Ok that was alot points and there some that i would like to mention but can't Don't you just hate when that happens. Well to everyone i met and got to know over the last 2 years thanks for the memories, the laughs, the free drinks, vomit, flashings, peer pressure, drinking advice, straight gins, Foundation, good times, violent beatings, social advice, dating advice(it sucked or at least my implementation did, but thanxs) and free bus rides. I don't intend on moving so hopefully we can all stay in contact, however if you do hate my guts please feel free to leave a comment below :)

The best Quotes from my time ACS
Me "What do you think of her"
Mike "I would banger her, shes got massive boobs"
"OK, i thought you would say that"
Some golden words from a Drunken mike

Viki "Who do you Fancy?"
Me "i'm not saying"
Viki "How do you behave when your around her"
Me "Like ice"
I'm gonna miss mind games...

Can't remember who "You listen to 2pac"
me "yeah, so"
"Hey everyone jon listens to black people music!"
The stereotype broken

Charlotte "Jon seriously, you need to get laid"
"You busy tonight?"
Charlotte giving me useless advice

Paul "You going to Gleeson's party friday"
Me "nah i don't think so"
Paul "Why not, its gonna be great"
Me "i'm scared of Strippers"
The Stripper that got away

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