Friday, March 31, 2006

All things work together for good

Today, another one of work colleges left the office for the last time. I had only known him for a week, but he was a nice guy. (If he googled my name, like I did his welcome.) Anyways, as I was saying he left today, I don't know why and it's none of my business anyhow.

To protect his identity I will call him DSGi no.1, Before he left he explained to me how he came to work in our department, and it's one of the best stories I've ever heard.

After finishing uni he found himself at working at a branch of currys. As time went along he saw that the the staff in general hated the stores management. So instead of doing all this whispering in-store, he created an on-line forum where the staff could vent their feelings far from the ears of the looming management.
He designed fliers, and posters, and helped organize the site, and all was well...

However the management eventually found out, and had his rear on a platter. He given an ol'skool dressing down in front of several regional big wigs, and admitted that he actually cried.

After this, he was told to go to head office, to meet another more senior member of management. While at head office, he was introduced to my/our boss, who told him of a position that had opened up in our department. He applied and two weeks later he was hired.

Great story don't you think. Put a smile on my face at least.

Quote of the Day
Ari Gold "When your girlfriend worked in the mail room, she offered to blow me, True story"

Entourage, Only on HBOAnd Bittorrent, and limewire, and kazaa, and..., on the funniest series ever

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