Saturday, May 27, 2006

I love Technology

Not to state the obvious, but it really is cool. Many of you may know of my love for google maps. Well microsoft has had a similar app out for a while, called windows live local. And from an image quality and variety point of view it wipes the floor with google, it's not as fast, but sure is amazing. In fact it's got hi-res imagery of hemel, and my old/new haunt southampton. Even more amazingly i was able to snap this picture.

Circled in red is the actual room where i lived when i was at uni.

Pretty cool, i also got a pic of where i work now, and almost got one of my house. What makes this thing really cool, is the fact that you can see an image with actual depth, rather than just one with the tops of buildings.

And in case anyone wondered, i didn't do a post code search, i found using landmarks from the towncenter ^_^

Anyways, it's like 1am and got things to do, like sleep.

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