Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Productive Evening

Well it looks like my time isn't all following down the Rhine.

This evening i've done a major (comparitively) overhaul on Hold on, my first app. Using functions and modules and such to clean up the code. I've also learned how to use some cool javascript objects which the lovely folks, at DSGi will be able to benefit from.

For the rest of this week, i'm pretty much on my own at work, my senior colleague Tim, has flown south, well south east actually for his holiday. While Steve, is on holiday further south than tim. Cryptic aren't i...

Anyways i should post up the latest hold version in a few days. And a few design tweaks to this wonderful blog, till then laterz.

Quote of the Day
Weed Smoker "You ever heard of a tulip?"
Me "Yeah, if your refering to the flower, but beyond that."

Do they ever stop with the new drug names?

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