Wednesday, September 13, 2006

сотый столб 2

Turns out my blog is called russian space station for a reason. What is this reason, i'm not quite sure myself, but what i do know is that Hold On is used in the mother land. Yes folks, my lowly first hash at development, is semi-popular in russia!

So here is the proof!

It's a Russian Palm Handheld, site that lists my application, my name, and my email. In fact thats how i found it, by googling my email address (don't ask).

Incase your worried that it's some sort of big russian mail order brides site heres a picture

In other news, i off to uni in two weeks, and i can't wait. Although i could swear that last time i filled out this part correctly, one can never be too sure...

Plus cause i'm open like that, i'll be living on the ground floor of the Camilla Block in Lucia Foster Welch, room 004. So if you randomly googling peoples rooms, welcome and i'm the guy next door, Index this! Hell, what have i got to lose, i'm know in a russia for petes sake.

BTW the title means 200th post in the language of the motherland And no, the motherland isn't south london.

Quote of the Day
Tim "It would be helpful, if you didn't mention how awful the press ads are, as we would like them to stay around beyond the first day"

I can't help it if i'm too real It was a joke first time, Ele liked it Not that her opinions carry any weight in my head what so ever...

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