Saturday, April 07, 2007

Social Discovery

Call me socially inept, but i just realized something. You can tell when someone likes you or enjoys your company, when they start doing random things, without just cause. Now depending on what they do, you can then determine whether or not they are trying to get close to you, or in fact kill you.

Ie. I do random things for people all the time, however i personally rarely have random things done for me. Which clearly shows i'm dis ... Right let me rethink that.

But you get the point, however the caveat to this, is that you can begin to think that every random act of kindness, has a meaning. If your a pretty young lady, then it generally does. If your me, then most likely not, however every other one might have some significance.

Quote of the Day
"Look, it's my favourite Drunkard, top of the evening too ya"

Can't beat viki, you really can't

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