Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Google's Android: My two cents

I love it. At least from a developers point of view. Now the real question is, can they get the devices with the right form factors to really complete with the big boys, MS, Symbian, and now Apple.

With HTC behind them, there is no reason why they can't. So why does a tech skeptic like me like this FOB (Fresh off the boat) platform so much. Well here's why

  • SDK for OS X, Linux & Windows (Take note Apple!)
  • It uses Java as the language of choice.
  • Each app runs in VM, they borrowed an idea from palm os(kinda)
  • They provided a C Api
  • XML GUI layouts, nice and open
  • The Platform is wide open
If you wanna look at this from a web 2.0 mashup point of view, its like the following

Microsoft's level developer support + Googles Open-ness + Apples inovation

Alternatively Lets compare it to it's rivals

Symbian - 'Modern' widely supported Language (Java vs C++).
Microsoft - It doesn't look like it was retrofitted to be used in a phone
Palm - Multiple device makers, means better form factors + it's a brand new os
Apple - It's not a Objective-C only world, and locked down like a [insert word of choice]
Others - It's got traction, and the developer community behind it, we all love google.

I'm getting to work on developing some apps for this platform. As i said it's got my support, it's solid under the hood, and i look forward to queuing for my first device. 

BTW i hate the iphone if anyone is wondering.

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