Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Memories ... of Lego Aircraft Carriers

Over at Gizmondo, they are showing some of the best lego sets in history.

I'm quite proud to say, that they in fact have two of my favorites.

I spent may a good day, in PJ's playing with them in my grandma spare room in jamaica. She had a kingsize bed, which i used as underground airport, and the wardrobe that was the super secret submarine base. Not to mention the drawers with where the hills surrounding the valley, which had my custom built lego aircraft carrier, which could store a helicopter, a VSTOL aircraft, and a hovercraft, all technic size i might add! It also had two escape canoes, as well as an armory, and control tower, SAM launcher and ....

Ok, i remember it a little too vividly considering it's been 6 years since i last saw it, and a few more since i last really played with it. But it was a lot of fun, and my favorite toy of my childhood. Oh, and to add it could also carry my weight on the carriers deck, thanks to a well placed supporting beam that ran across the ship and tied the hull walls together! It was 2 feet long, and foot wide, and half a foot high.

Enough carrier talk for one night don't you think!

Quote of the Day
"I Guess to you Starbucks is like Dr. Phil"

Some people seek solace at Starbucks

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