Monday, May 19, 2008

Backrow, Thats a big ass framework

Some months a ago i spoke about front row. First, the plan was to reverse engineering it, then it was building a plugin for it. Well, it hasn't exactly had my complete attention, however it did drift back into my mind today.

The main sticking point for me has been the lack of documenation, however this should be expected considering that we're talking about a unsupported framework, from one of the most secretive corporate entities in existance.

So in my quest to write for leopard front row, i decided that a nice class diagram would come in handy, easy right...

Well this is what it looks like, after exploring appoximately 30-40% of the 500+ classes!

However i've learnt alot about naming conventions and framework layout. The most striking thing is the level of depth. For example there are classes for everything under the sun, like the Entry of IPv6 addresses. Stuff i personally would have overlooked. I guess thats why i get the semi-big bucks.

Needless to say the folks at apple know how to design a framework, and have done a great job in the absence of namespaces, to provide rigid catagorization of classes.

Class names are nice and logical, for example any class ending with 'layer', is most likely a subclass of BRRenderLayer, eg. BRListLayer or BRTextMenuLayer.

The experience has also made me feel like i've been using the framework, rather than an outsider, looking in. So hopefully in the coming days i can actually leverage this thing to do something other than allow me navigate tv series from the comfort of my bed.

Quote of the Day
"It's a pitty they made so much fuss about gay cowboys, it's actually a decent film"

I happen to think brokeback mountain is a half decent flick

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