Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Riding down the river

10 tourists are riding down the Yangtze river on a boat. One says to
the other ...

Ok maybe I'll skip the comedy. China is a beautiful country I've seem
so much but I know i've seen so little. I'm not quite sure where this
boat is taking me but part of me doesn't care. In the last few weeks
I've begun to appreciate the romance of traveling the world.

I love work, I especially love my work, and in this day and age of
technology who is to say that I can't pack up my MacBook get on a
plane and become a nomadic programmer sucking down torrents when the
opportunity strikes, war driving in foreign lands...

It's a dream, just like my house in andorra and my grey Aston martin.
However as I'm learning from this trip dreams can come true. Hopefully
I won't wake from this one to find the world doesn't agree with my

Quote of the week
Tanya "how many Mosquitos are there here?"
Me "12..."

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