Sunday, September 19, 2010

More than just a place in the sun

Every 10 years, that was, and has always been the plan. To move country every 10 years. Next April, will signal a decade back in England, having come back from Jamaica in 2001.

I made this decision In my early teens because I reconized that the world is a big place. My fairly recent acceptance of all things chinese has only strengthened that, not to mention the negative direction I see Europe taking politcally and socially.

While the lure or being a tax exile is not only atractive, but downright sexy, it's the adventure of the unknown that I think atracts me. I often think of my grandfather, in his late 20's boarding a boat to sail to Southampton in the early 50's. Alone and leaving his young family behind to carve out a new life. While I know I'm nowhere near as brave as he was I like to think that what I'm attempting to do is on a parallel with his feat.

As it stands my plan is to shun English, and the lands that promote it as a first language. My first stop is Seville, in southern Spain. I plan to stay there for a few months and relearn most of the Spanish that my old 7 grade teacher taught me. Then sometime before the end of the year make my way to South America and adapt my new found linguistic skills for the new culture. After that who knows.

Unless I take up residency in any one country, I can usually only stay for three months. So the plan is two move around every 2 1/2 months so that I don't end up having Interpol chasing me down.

Having said all of this my plan may fail, and my warm freshly baked semi Latino ass might find its self back on these shores, looking for work. But hey, you can't win if you don't play.

The flight is booked for October 5th, let's see what happens.


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