Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Los Negros

So I've been in Sevilla almost a week. What can I say its a cool city. Filled with beautiful women, nope of whom speak English. But hey I wanted a challenge.

So like all places what makes Sevilla so different from Hemel Hempstead. Well there are a lot of differences. There are no crazy roundabouts, the women look better, and they speak better English... I think the biggest difference is the attitude of the people. People here place a premium on family and community. The focus on work is significantly less and 'hustling' mentality is almost absent. The people here wish to enjoy and their lives. That's not to say I've moved to a society of lazy folks, but they certainly do know how relax. As one person put it 'they work to live, not live to work'.

The search for a place to live is going slowly, I've decided that I want to live with Spaniards as that's the only way I'll improve my Spanish. While it's difficult, nothing worth doing is ever easy right?

What has made this trip a great deal easier and somewhat less nomadic, is the presence of Jason, in his own words the 'original g'. However I prefer a more apt term for the two of us, Los Negros. He also happens to cook a mean steak.

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