Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming to America

So after managing to avoid the states in all forms for well over a decade it's time to go back. I'll be able to enjoy the benefits of naked body scanners, and requests to show my papers.

Anyways the trip is split into 4 parts, over two months.

A. New York city
B. Jamaica
C. Los Angeles
D. WWDC in San Francisco.

Interestingly, I have no return ticket, not because I'm planning on becoming an illegal (please note TSA) but because I'm not sure if I'm coming back to the UK or if I will carry on heading west, and reunite myself with the Chinese people (they miss me you know).

The first leg is booked for April 18th, so as song says I'll be "new York da da da dada da new York" HOV ...

While WWDC should be a blast the most emotional part will be going back to Jamaica almost 10 years to the date that I left.

Bon voyage

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