Monday, August 01, 2011

Hawaii: Oahu & Hawai'i (aka The Big Island)

To be completely honest i knew very little about Hawaii as whole before i came here. But i've learnt a lot in the last 5 days. Mainly that i need to learn to drive. So thats definitely on the list for when i get home (finally).

Having flown into Oahu, i spent most of my time in Waikiki, Honolulu. As i was warned it was chock full of Japanese tourists showing off their Canon's and Nikons. I have nothing against my friends from the land of the Rising Sun, however i do suffer from a serious case of Lens envy.

After 6 days in the Japanese version of the Costa Del Sol, i've  flown to Hilo, on the big island, aka Hawai'i. Today, i felt like an idiot for even spending more than two days in Oahu.

Firstly the big island, is well, BIG. The road that runs around the entire coast is almost 300 miles long. I spent today in the car with some good people from Holland, we barely explored a quarter of the island. This place is huge.

What really stuck me is the differences in the flora in various parts of the island. In some places it looks like a Rain forrest, while in others it looks like the surface of Mars. The above is the beautiful rainbow falls.

This is an example of the rainforest like terrain. It even has a canopy that the Brazil Rainforest would be jealous of. Really makes me look forward to the day i finally set foot on the continent of South America, Un dia, un dia.

Then there is the black volcanic rocks. While i know the landscape was formed by magma, it almost seems as if it's been scared by it. I've been fortunate enough to see some amazing things. But this is truly fascinating.

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