Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good things come to those who work

In the last couple of days it's been like christmas, I got my precious Abit AN7 and overclocked to 200mhz nivarna, A palm wireless keyboard, to go with my T|X. I'm actually typing this post on it. It's a full size keyboard that folds up into a little package about the size of your hand. Very cool, and not too bad.
I've just finished ordering a new 250GB hard drive for my PC, and i've got my next computer all lined up already.

Something tells me that i just might be a geek, who fails to live up to his need to blog post, and lusts after highend mac's and sony ericsson phones.
Apart from that latest shopping wave all is pretty much average in my life, nothing really amazing, and nothing terribly bad niether. If i'm honest thats how i like it to be, plain...

Quote of the Day
I know i need to tell you something, but i can't remember what.

My memory is the best

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