Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jon's gone legal(sort of)

Evening, coming at ya from the T|X, and my dining room.
Some of you may know i refuse to pirate music Unless you dump it on my pc. As a result my collection is a little bit on the cheap sideold side. Don't get me wrong 11+ GB of music is sweet, but it's not all that fantastic.
Enter All of Mp3. Although its legality is questioned almost as much as much as my sexuality once was, it is the only place to get charted popular Non-DRM'd music at high qualities. Plus the prices are ridiculously cheap. I bought 2 Albums for $3! both Mos Def.

Check it out you pirates

Incase you wondered,wyes i still torrent tv shows, but very very rarely movies. Hopefully a legal-ish solution cometh.

Now if you excuse me i got apply for my student loan, again.

Quote of the Day
Steve "You wanna watch it on my Powerbook?"
Me "Umm, Yes you never have to ask me to play with a powerbook"

I love those things, now if only there was a l2"...

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