Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too Badu for you

In the last couple of days i've been listening to a lot of Erykah Badu, and man is she good. In my book shes, like the musical sister Jill Scott never knew about.

Sadly not all is well. I discovered that Ashley, from such famed posts as "meet my friends", lost his mother to Cancer, plus the ex-partner of one of my work colleagues has been in hospital for a while. To them i wish them all the best, and hope for a speedly recovery, as for Ashley my heart goes out to him, and i pray that his mum made it to heaven.

In business news, Isolation is on hold while i do some contract web design work, Ajax and the usual lark. But in even bigger news, i;ve join the "Fat Cheetah" Revolution. Fat Cheetah is a three man company destined to take over the world. It comprises a quality graphic designer; Paul, a classy Web Developer/Application Programmer; me and a Shark Tunde. The perfect blend.

If you live or work in the southampton city area, you'll be hearing from us!

Oh, while i'm here

March 13th, @ Bambuu Bar Come down and see Heartless Crew in action
A One Promotions & Fat Cheetah event

Thats about it for a round up, i'm try to save money to pop another Gig of Ram in that black plastic thing over there (writing on my nix box), Was ill for the last week, and had apple juice and popcorn for dinner, plus Jai quit smoking.
Quote of the Day
Lights dim
Anwar "Where did nikya go?"
Somone else "Don't worry i can see his teeth"

We love him really

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