Friday, February 09, 2007

Whats new....

Well since the data disaster, i've managed to rewrite a sizible chunk of code for isolation. However, it's hard work, considering i had done it all before. I've also gone backup nuts, and wrote a back script that i keep in the dock.

In other news, i've started on a light Cocoa project. A Cocoa version of one of my favourite games, Dope Wars. As you've come to expect here's the teaser...

Loads of work as you can see Started yesterday, while watching lost. Now although i love Xcode, i hate this whole idea of connecting the program to the UI. I can see the benefits, but i dislike the way it's done. Sure it's kind of similar to the way things are done in visual studio, but still.

Plus i've started learning about assembly on a serious level, so i'm now learning 3 languages at the same time, as well as brushing up on my C skills, to help improve my ideas on all these new fangled languages. Coupled with this i want to do some proper ruby on rails development, and see what all this crap is about in a production like environment.

Lastly, i've discovered that for all my love of computers macs, that i really don't know what i want to do after i leave university. Web development, is exciting, fairly easy and pays ok, but it's not a challenge. I write CSS in my sleep.... Writing kernel/device drivers looks cool, but how often does one need a new camera driver? Software development looks cool, but things take too damn long. And i'm not keen on all this paper designing either, wheres Visio for OS X? Although i plan to work for no one, and do my own thing, i'm not quite sure what yet.

To sumerize in Objective-C ...
Future = [Me whereIsCareerGoing:currentStatus];

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