Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm a Retard

Why, i wiped my Mac's harddrive, every last kb. Yes i could of recovered it, but i can't be bothered to build up any hope of getting my data back.

So what happened,

I was trying to install the New Microsoft Vista(Which i'm using as we speak). I used the disk utility on the mac osx install dvd to remove my old boot camp partition. i had split it as follows 103 GB for osx, and 8 gb for linux. It had been that way since the week after i got my mac. I was using rEFIt to manage the boot partitions.

I selected the 8 GB parition plus the nix swap space, and erased them. Before i did so, i clicked the little lock, to prevent editing to the osx partition. after wiping the two, i then reformated them as fat32, and thought nothing more of it, one restart latter osx wouldn't boot. thought it must be a partition table issue. So i reboot the install dvd, and went to repair the drive/partition.

Thats when i saw it. Macintosh HD had 55Mb used, instead of 90 Gb!

So what have i lost

Isolation, and Syndication, The new company website. plus all the recent changes to the HTTP library and Diggr for the last couple months. All of my uni work for the last 3 months, plus about 2000+ tracks. And my cracked cs3.

So .... backups are a good thing.

What i can say, is that Vista isn't too bad. They fixed the performance issues that they had with the last version i tried, 5270. It's nice and shiny, and although i haven't got all the drivers, it's still not too bad. After i've reinstalled osx, i'll set up a proper boot camp partition.

Isolation will be rewritten this month (February), Syndication who knows, Diggr is on hold until i can master palm's C api.

HB HTTP lib, i'll release what i have, but it won't work until the nice folks at HB update the runtime environment or the compiler, to fix the stream writing methods.

So if you'll excuse me, i've got a hard days worth of installing and downloading ahead of me.

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