Friday, January 19, 2007

The Bookshelf gets better

The bookshelf is getting better. Finally after a week of waiting the precious Objective C book is finally here. Time to write some real code, i'm java's slave no more.

The book i got in the end was from my favourite publishers, O'Reilly, but Addison Wesley???? It's called "Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX" by Aridian Hillegass an ex apple and NeXtstep engineer. Only up to page 13, but it's looking good.

Now if only i can get enough to a have a proper reference library...

Plus i sorted out my house for next year, 6 beds, 3 boys 3 girls. Moving in July 1st.

Quote of the Day
Steph "I need you out of the house for a week after we move in"
MeWhy should i, i pay rent too?
Steph "Fine, stay you just won't like what your'll be hearing"

This is what i'm living with... Just kidding it's not all bad

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