Thursday, January 11, 2007

TIOTI: Tape it off the internet Beta

For once i can talk about someone else's work. TIOTI, has been around for about a year. I first heard of it on Digg. As usual they was a big fuss, but as the months went by that died. Fortunately for me i have a good memory and was able to sign up for the beta program.

So for the people that haven't seen it here it is.

Thus far, it seems like a cooler version of There are user discussion groups on various shows. You can add them to your favourites. You can get RSS feeds for various things, like group discussions etc. It's got a nice balance between web 2.0 goodness, and plain old skool web design

In fact its cross between digg and Users swarm over tv shows, rather than stories. After that you can then paticpate in various activities related to your show and get badges and such.
Apparently was i was using was build 14

However there is one sweet addition, this thing schedules torrents, based on your favourites! But it's not only for us Fearless DMCA folks, it also checks for itunes downloads, which it lists a premium content. Please excuse my poor screen grabs, am still getting used to this sexy mac. Oh yeah, this shots are from a mac. They recommend using firefox on osx, so thats what i used. But most of it seems to javascript, css and html so safari performance shouldn't be too far away.]

This is the user account page, i just joined like 5 mins ago, so excuse the lack of friends.

Speaking of code, it's quite clean, all the javascript is placed in external files, so the actual html is very clean, (perfect for greasemonkeying ...)

The future looks bright for this service. I'm glad to say that TIOTI is not vapourware and should become a useful tool in filling the downtime of life, not that i would know anything about that kinda of thing.

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