Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy new year

First post of 2007, Happy new year to all random vistiors.

Main reason for posting, is progress on Isolation. It's now got its icon, and is almost at a alpha stage.
The Proxy server is working, in one direction at least. The client is coming along. I've written a HTTP interface class, that allows me to do things like


which would return a complete HTTP request string with line feeds and carriage returns. It also has constants of all the HTTP error codes, or at least the 4 most popular.

Sadly this is the last work i'll do for a while, as slightly more pressing issues beckon (Uni work). But all things look to be on course for my first product launch to come by the end of month, if not mid february.

Oh incase you were wondering, heres the icon

In the event that you have forgotten, what this thing is... Isolation Personal Proxy: is a multi-platform proxy server. It runs in the background and caches your content plain/text or binary files, allowing any application that supports a proxy server to get content from the cache without even knowing it's doing so, and enabling almost complete offline browsing.

Finally i've started using the tag feature that they have added to the blogger beta, i'll make a tag cloud one of these days

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