Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006; A year in Review

So 2007 is almost here, and i thought, what is the best way possible to look over the past 364 days. My only conclusion was a good ol' fashioned blog post. So here it is, 2006 in my humble opinion.


  • Getting my first Programming Job

  • Paying off my university debt

  • Becoming truly independent for the first time

  • Buying my first Mac (aka the Blackbook)

  • Remembering all the poetic crap that i wrote (Trust me theres a lot!)

  • Meeting my current batch of uni friends, especially one...

  • Going home at Christmas knowing i'm going back to uni

  • Meeting David Isaacs in a club in southampton

  • Writing my first real program, Hold On

  • Becoming a real programmer ^_^

  • Watching the entire Godfather trilogy

  • Being the best man at my Brothers wedding

  • Giving away an entire computer

Low points

  • Being asked to redesign Myspace sites That stuff is below me!

  • Not taking certain people out on dates

  • Leaving Uni to come home

  • Being unemployed for a month

  • Getting C&%$ blocked, when i had a hot Swedish girl in the bag (not that i'm bitter)

  • Staying in Southampton for a week after everyone had left for home

  • Going back into my old Sixth form (the weirdest thing i've ever done!)

Overall, as an outside observer can see, this year as been fairly average. But i must say that getting my Job at DSGI was most definitely the highlight of the entire year for me. All i can do is thank God and the nice folks at Kelly's Hemel Hempstead, for getting me that.

On the regrets side of things, nothing serious i liked a couple of girls, who in traditional fashion, i said nothing too, and allowed them to travel down their own merry road, into jonathan-less bliss. On second thought, that was the right thing to do. Besides, i'm some sort of player apparently.

For me 2006 was a year of maturity, become more of a man, and less of child. I still openly refer to myself as a child, rather than adult, or even young adult. I believe this to be i don't want to get ahead of myself. In my eyes a man is seen for what he is in another persons eyes, not his own.

Quotes of the Year
Dave Chappelle "They should have never given you niggers money"

Jumoke "I think i my laptop screen is broke"
Me "Whats up with it"
Jumoke "The screen stays dark"
presses the brightness button "Nah, it's fine"

Tunde "Hows the wife?"

Me "How old do you think i am?"
Numerous sources "24","28","22"
Me "Actually i'm 19, thats ok"

Jaimini "I spend more time with you than anyone else"
Me "Really, never noticed"

Teacher "Have any of you done any programming before?"
puts hand up
Teacher "Have any of worked with arrays"
puts hand up
Teacher "I'll just assume for the rest of the year, that you've done all of this before"

Me "Dalrymple is just my slave name"
Elle "Slave name? i don't get it"
Me "Well about 300 years ago ..."

Japhet "I don't appreciated being called monkey"
Me "You mean, just after you finished labelling me one?"

Lester "I went to get something out of my wallet, and there was this random girls driving license, i have no idea how it got there!"
Me "I need to go out with you guys!"

Nik/Nic "New rule, when we are out we don't talk about our course!"

Nik/Nic "All the people on are course are freaks"

Luke "He said he hates me, thats a strong word. Who hates someone?"

It's been a fun year

Happy 2007 everyone

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