Monday, December 04, 2006

Damn this thing is sweet

When the core 2 duo Macbooks first hit the scene, never did i think that it would be as sweet as this.

This thing(i'm using it now) is so amazing, that i've fallen in love with it. Plus you know how all those people rave about mac OSX, and apple products in general. Well they have good reason too. This stuff is the very height of modern computing. Anyone who thought about buying a mac, don't wait, just buy the damn thing. But what ever you gotta do, don't get a black one, those are for me only.

Anyways, thanks to a "bit" hardcore configuration think days, i finally got mine to a state, where i'm proud to call it mine.

It's completely loaded with open source software and freeware. The only commerical program on here is parallels, with enables me to run windows xp in a window.

I use synergy to enable to use my main keyboard and mouse, with it.

Heres the convoluted setup.

Well until another day or time when i feel like being a loser by writing a blog that no one reads ^_^ , Blackbook, i mean jonathan signing off.

Quote of the Day
Random Guy "Can you get me MS office 2003?"
Me "What makes you think i can get that?"
Random Guy "You just look like the kinda of guy that does that kinda thing."

Now bear in mind that we are in the same class (internet Computing), and i was working on my Blackbook at the time, still interesting that i look like the kinda guy to get pirate software from, didn't he ever hear of Open Office, or better yet Neo Office!

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