Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mr. Moon

Merry Christmas, nothing heavy this morning. Just to put this in context, it's 20 to 6 in the morning, I've been out at Diva, since 10-ish. Yesterday was my staff Christmas party, from which i dont actually remember some bits. Currently i'm in my bed listening to Jamiroquai.

What is this post all about? Nothing i guess it just one of the random things to do. That and think about pretty girls who aren't here, apart from that nothing else.

Plus Black Macbooks although infinitely cool, suck when it comes to finger prints, this thing looks like it's owned by someone who exclusively eats crisps!

Quote of the Day
Luke "My dad knows this guy who helps him get his money back when people don't want to pay up"
Tunde "Yeah, thats called a heavy"
Me "And that thing where he goes to ask for the money is called a shakedown"

Luke doesn't want to admit it, but we believe his family to be part of Bournemouth's organized crime circuit

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