Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Deadlines; What are they & how i misuse them

For what must be the first time in while, (think 6/7) i'm performing academically the way i should be. I'm doubting myself and still getting 95% in tests, never mind completely acing others. It's a nice feeling, the torment that was A-level results left my head in a bad place, so it's great to be heading over the ridge.

I like love what i do. Writing code for me is better than ... making money. So it's great that i can use one do achieve the other. However, and employees of DSGi will know what i mean, i like setting ridculous deadlines. Heres one famed example.

A completely automated website to manage a entire retail chains intranet. A normal developer would quote a couple of months. I said 2 weeks!

So how do i make these estimates up?
Easy my calculations don't account for sleep, eating transport times etc. Why, cause i don't plan to do any of it. I'll work my arse off till, i collapse or do other injury to myself.

So where is this going?
Isolation, Diggr and the HTTP lib are gonna be late. Reasons are as follows

Isolation: - No real bottle necks just so much damn code to write; hashing controls, cache algor., multithreaded servers etc.

Diggr:- VB is like AIDS to me right now, and hint that i'm in proximity and i'm running, plus i gotta boot up windows. I'm on the verge of dumping the whole win32 thing for good, i just know its stupid to do so.

HTTP lib:- Palm OS is doing some weird stuff, and things aren't working exactly as they should be, debugging on device is like so yesterday, plus i wanna dump this whole two device thing and get me a Treo 680.

Plus i just kinda sold my beloved TX to a classmate, which technically means i can't finish the HTTP lib has it has to be tested on a device, no ifs no buts. That great treo 680 only has bluetooth (+GPRS but how the hell to i capture packets with that?) which i have no idea how to even begin to use fully. I think i would have to monitor a faux serial port!

So yeah, lifes great

If you excuse i must go food shopping instead of working to assignment deadlines.

Quote of the Day

Jai "You were doing the Carlton Dance!"

Me "Sadly, i just about remember that!"

Teen Drinking is very bad, even if you got a fake id

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