Sunday, January 07, 2007

OSS HTTP Lib is in semi-effect

After months of promises to the users of 1src, the HTTP OSS lib is operating. Most of the code has been written without ever testing it all, which is stupid, but i was too busy reading HTTP docs, to take the time to set up a testing server and go through logs looking to see it i had a hit or not.

In the end i didn't actually do that, i used ethereal, and MAMP on my mac ^_^. The point is, the OSS lib for HB++ developers is practically done. I've started the documentation ....

You might have also noticed, that that is windows. Although i've grown to dislike it, i need it. I had hoped that once i got my mac i could kiss this windows workstation good bye, but sadly not about of wine and vmware can make up for nativity. So until then, Linux on my desktop is dead, less glitz more work.

Now if you excuse me i'm off to tell the nice folks at 1src about this.

Quote of the Day
Me "Dont hit me with that"
Aimee "Why, are you gonna hit me?"
Me "No, but i'm gonna leave busies, and they won't be on your face!"

I think i'm in some sort of widthdrawl, can never get your hands on people when you want to...

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