Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Guy, A Mac, and a Linux Distro

So, it's that time of year again. Everyone's disappeared to their various corners of the uk, and i'm left here to contemplate life on earth.
So many people have asked, why have i decided to stay here on my own, simple i got a lot of work to do, plus i wanna take advantage of the gym.

Heres what i got to do in the next three weeks

  • Database fundamentals Coursework

  • Internet Computing Assignment

  • Computer Architecture Coursework

  • OOTM Assignment Assignment

  • Learn x86 assembly

  • Finish the Fat Cheetah website

  • Write & Design a reusable PHP CMS

  • Write & Design a reusable PHP forum

  • Apply for loads of Jobs

  • Do someone else's assignment

  • Cook various people dinner

  • Revise for networking

  • Buy and play with a Treo 680

Quite a lot of stuff if you ask me. I'm only working at maplin on the weekends, so i'm gonna try and give this thing my full attention. In my eyes these three weeks will make or break my course, prehaps in yours too ...

Now if you excuse i have to contemplate whether or not to get a facebook or not.

Quote of the Day
PS3 buyer"I need an optical cable for my PS3"
Me "Cool, how is it?"
Customer"Don't know didn't get any games."

Nice going sony, you get a grown man to fork over £425 quid, and then shaft him and give him no games.

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