Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ones to Watch

Now that i'm back at home, if only for a couple of days, i have the opportunity to try out the finest TV shows from our brothers across the pond.

Firstly 30 Rock,

Number 1, it's got a Baldwin in it, so that caught me. Second it's got the head writer of Saturday night live, writing and staring, Tina Fey.

This two things mean that it can only be good. Thus far I've only seen four episodes, but it is very funny, clean and stupid.

I would highly recommend this if you like family guy or american dad, and no it's not a animated series.

Next up, The Apprentice Season 6 : LA

No it's not the uk version, it's Donald Trump doing what can only be described as good tv. Watching the first episode now.

Nothing like watching wasters try to shoot each other down

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