Friday, February 17, 2012

Dinner Diary - Meat Ball soup

One of the things i never appreciated about Vietnam is that it's really big. It also has a big population (over 90 Million). Because of the country's size there is a fairly big variation in the climate of certain regions. 

This was especially true in the town of Da Lat, located 2000m above sea level. As a result of the attitude the town is much cooler than most of Southern Vietnam, with temperatures hovering around the mid to low 20's in the shade.

In my experience, cooler climates usually equal awesome stews and soups, and Da Lat didn't disappoint. This lovely dish consisted of Noodles in a tomato-ish both, with a giant (bigger than my fist) meatball, as instructed by my vietnamese speaking travellers i threw in some cabbage and soy sauce to make the dish a little more interesting. Chilli's/ chilli sauce is also advised, however it was cold and i wanted to wolf it down.

If memory serves it set me back 20 000 Dong, which at time of writing was just under single US dollar.

Good Soup

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