Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas, what's that?

It's an update the young warriors cried as they reached the peak of the mountain upon which they looked down at the deep, dark valley filled with assignments the cries and worries of 16 generations of...

Sorry I got excited for a second there. I just finished my Constitutional Law Assignment, which has like 20+ quotes from actual government legislation. Sounds like fun, don't you agree? Anyway I have to hand it in later today, plus I got another one to do for next week.

Just to update one and all I'll make my return to the "hood" on Christmas Eve, as I have to work so I can have two weeks off, after 4 months of almost constant work, life is one big balance I like to think.

But as I'll be virtually minted, able to spend time with my family, it will be nice. I have to go now To order my Nvidia 6800 Graphics Card to sort myself out for the day.

For yet another day/week/month take care everyone

Quote of the Day
Girl at vending machine "Your Scary, you scared me"
Me "I'll take that as a compliment; I've heard funny, annoying, but never scary"

what's wrong with a Kid with a Hood standing behind a woman at 1am in the morning, in a car park? Doesn't everyone do that?

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