Thursday, December 01, 2005

Free Time; a funny concept

Free time for me, no longer exists. I now work (either my job or uni) 7 days a week. No breaks, no nothing. Busy i am.
Tired i am too, but hey, thats life. I like money, and i like knowledge, so i'm getting what i asked for, 4 assignments too, it's all a bit crazy really.

As i'm mentally knackered, i'm not gonna write much, i gotta save that for my essay. I don't know when i'll update again, but if you ever want to contact me quickly email me @

verisys AT

The email's go straight to my T|X handheld, so i'll read it on my uni/work/ off a bridge etc.

Quote of the Day
Dr. Lars "Turkey's don't ask for christmas"
Me "Turkey's are the lucky ones, what about chickens"


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