Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Your hired

I got job yo, at the highstreet electronics store Maplin. Nice don't you think, i get paid to play with electronics, if they only knew what they had done ^_^.

Anyway this fresh influx of £5.05 cash means i can splash out on things like, new graphics cards pasta sauce, and cheese.

Anyways in my new capcity as a maplin employee, i will now direct you to their website. Also as i planed on coming home in two weeks, i wondered of the "gang" would like to meet up and go for a coke drink, down in hemel town?

Interested email or call me.

I'm off to to play NFSU 2 work, cya.
Quote of the Day
Security "All these idiots, just go around and make my life hell, what they don't realise is that i can make their lifes a whole lot worse"
Me "Plus, your paid to do it"

Never mess with security people, they don't take the job for the joy of life, or to see my flat egged, and water poured though the letter box.


Vicky said...

Yo Joany, what day u chattin bout? wud be cool to see yous lot again...

NikBiz said...

i wanna come i wanna come!