Friday, November 18, 2005

"RCP week" aka Reading week

What a load of crap that was.
I thought the idea was to read, not be driven to exuastion though, sheer mounds of work.
Well it's over now, the blog is suffering, but hey that working life. so i'll give you the brief.
  • I invited Nabil (i have no idea how it's spelt, but It's pronounced na-bile)out, but she was ill, so that died a quick death
  • I handed in my first assignment
  • I admitted i got a thing for salma hayek and Penelope Cruz.
  • I'm getting a tv card, for free from one of my mates
  • I can do some extreme wardriving on my T|X
  • I might come back to good old hemel Hempstead, for the presentation evening
  • DC++ is the best program ever made
  • And higher hacks is a great website

Well that about rounds up the week

Maybe another post over the weekend, who knows

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