Thursday, November 10, 2005

Meet my mates (well some of them)

Well i after yesterday's quick update i just discovered that, i had kind of left people in the dark as to what i've done in the last weekcouple days. Well lots of things. I went to the club on Monday, like normal.... Me and Fuad{Pronounced ford, or thats what we call him at least}(a fellow law student) went to another flat, in the "Almond" block, here at lovely Lucia Foster. Where we stayed for 3 hours (bear in mind that it was 2am when we started ) chatting to a girl, who i can only remember as "H", and another girl called niki, that Fuad knew. Anyway thanks to this great site called Don't stay in, i was able to get a photo, of him(fuad) and some other people that i socialize with.

In fact that site is great, i found of a picture of myself, which i thought i had been careful to avoid, damn those druken camera men. Anyways, the pictures, meet the lads.

You can't really see it in this picture, but with his hat off fuad looks like John Legend. Unless you haven't worked it out, the guy on the right is Fuad, and on the left is my Flat mate Bill, who does Sports development(i think). I have no idea who the woman is.

Ok the guy on the left is Imran (i think that's how you spell it) he's doing business, the guy in the middle is one of the promoters for Bambuubar or Bambu as we like to call it, again we have fuad.

See the guy that looks like a zombie? In the bottom left, well he's not a zombie, hes actually Ashley, another one of my flat mates. Nice guy too, gonna give a nice hair cut, tomorrow and sort out this mess that is my headhair.

See the tall black guy at the back, thats Gadget aka William, he's a MC (thats a rapper for you lesser folk) and is known on the "streets" as Gadget Boi, i actually have his complete album on my pc, it's not bad. It's called "Gadgets hideout vol 1" my favourite part is the hoes skit, where .... Imran is also in this picture

Anyway the one you've all been waiting for...

The guy i'm pointing at is "Or-Re" i don't know how you actually spell his name :(, i know the other two guys in front of him, but i don't know their names, we communicate though signs, and "cuz".

Now if your like me your thinking you need a life why don't you find a picture of "N" to show us how good your taste is, well i would love to, but there are alot of clubs in town, so it might take me a fair old while, but if and when i do i'll put it up. Check out that don't stay in site, they got pictures of everywhere including good ol' Hemel Hempstead.

Till another day, later folks, and no i had too much work to do tonight, so nothing happened, ^_^

Quote of the Day
"Every time i hear someone say that, it hurts my Va**na."

I think some people tend to over exaggerate things, just a little too much.

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