Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Whoa, i'm busy

Yellow people, this having a life stuff is hard work. i've been quite busy. Helping my new mate, turned rapper mc "Gadget Boi" get himself and his ablum out there. I finally ordered my T|X, it comes tomorrow. Higher Hack's goes live today, if i'm honest i still haven't finished the first piece, it just needs a few screenshots to be complete. I have to do some washing. I got to prepare for tomorrow's lectures, plus a need to start on my seminar tasks. Fun all round, nothing like being a busy guy. In the mean time, i need to be creative for my employers Sudhian, plus for higher hacks, and play need for speed underground, and tell people how to get around tv liesensing laws.

I just finished apply chrome to my rides, so i need to get on with some work, when i get my T|X i'll upload some of those photo's on my phone, i got one of a SLR yesterday! So as i've wasted the morining i need to make my evening more productive to say the least, i think i'll leave the washing till tomorrow, wash and play with my T|X, sounds nice, i wonder if they have netstumbler for palm....

Anyway i got work to get on with, later folks

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Vicky said...

life at uni is gd then?
btw, how did it go wiv that girl??
go on a date yet?

Veritech said...

i saw on saturday night at a club, i got her number and i'm gonna call her tomorrow or thursday, making her sweat :), best bit is i still don't know her name, she like told me twice but i couldn't hear. I haven't posted about cause i have nothing thus far.

Apart from that i'm really tired, and need to wash my clothes. thanks for visiting