Thursday, November 03, 2005

Photo dump

Imaginative title, don't you think. Remember i promised to go photo mad when i got my new pda, well it's here, and thanks to the fact that bluetooth is much more fun than crappy irfa, heres all the photo's a failed to put up before, enjoy

Who would have guessed that people from the UK are caucasian, and here was i thinking we were all negro's...

From dusk till dawn.

Linux will one day rule the world, you heard it here!

That's what i go to school for (It's SLR if you didn't know, £412,000 On the road, donations welcome)

Jon can actually cook, Here we have a lovely dish, of BBQ Chicken breast(asda) with egg fried rice(me), total meal price appoximately £1.75!

Des does Countdown, R.I.P. Richard Whiteley.

Sometimes, you just can't make it all the way to your bed.

One of the many parks the "litter" Southampton city centre.

You ever get that feeling your time is finished?
It's here, i will control the world, bluetooth or wifi?...
Bubble wrap!!
you pay more, wait a year, and it still turns out bigger than the last one, so much for miniaturazation. It's T|X time...

Quote of the Day
Teacher "You look like a business minded individual, is that what you would like to do in the future?"
A "Well i actually wanted to run the whole country, but ok"
Teacher "Right..."

One of my friends/classmates is very serious about becoming a zimbabwian president, and he makes no scecret of his intentions. Hey, as long as he doesn't knock down houses and throw out caucasians, he's got a chance.

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