Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Broken in the best, fixed in the rest

Evening, i finally fixed the site, unfortunately it's now broken in the best browser to grace the web :(, firefox. I might even just change the whole thing now that my photoshop skills are getting so good. Higher hacks has published the second article on hiding your bit-torrent traffic, it was written by new mate josh, who lives over in the states.

Apart from that site repair, just know that i am very busy, and tired. The later might have something todo with that 5am stint, i did on monday ^_^ memories...

If we all remember that "girl" i spoke of like two weeks ago, well i her number, twice, it's a long story. Anyways i don't know what to do with it, i'm sort of low on funds, but i thing i might see if she wants to go to this place called the "orange rooms" which is like a jazzy kinda hang out place, you know what i mean. There's an event happening there on thursday so if i can clear my calender, i'll try and make it happen. But i'm in no rush, i got work coming out of my ears, degree related and personal. No Job, but you guys know how the mind of jon works (well sort of).

T|X is great, so great i thought about sending it back, cause it had too many features. This scanning for wifi hotspots is getting serious now.

Finally tonight in great student fashion, i'm gonna eat toast and watch a movie, in the last couple days i've consumed about 20 hours worth of Sopranos, that show is the best. Sadly i've never even watch the godfather, or goodfella's but this like all of them times 2.

Quote of the season
"Just when i thought i was out, they bought me back in"

Don't mess with Soprano's, they have a vowel!

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