Friday, October 28, 2005

Jon's a writer!

My first article got published today! You can see it here, It's called "Breathing life back into Socket A". If you know nothing about computers, don't bother to try reading, you'll feel more confused. Anyway, thus far its getting good feed back, which makes me feel good.

I haven't posted that much this week, cause i've been busy getting "my legal" on. this course requires sick amounts of reading, and if i want to make worth my while i gotta read, a lot. I'm talking 10 pages at least per seminar, and these people haven't heard of fonts larger than 10! Hugh amounts of information, and dates to consume, like the Police Criminal Evidence Act 1984(revised 1992 according to jonathan 2 of 3). Anyway it's tough to stay with the class, mainly cause i allowed myself to fall behind slightly, either way Uni is no joy ride unless your doing a "mickey mouse" course, sa my grandfather would have called it.

By the end of next week(hopefully long before then) i should finally have my T|X, and should be able to put my faithful clie to rest. But wifi calleth.

This weekend, i got more washing to too, a couple of trips to the library, a trip to John Lewis(hopefully to drop three figures on a T|X :)). And thats about it, but right now i'm so tired it's hard to even get excited, i got some weird pics to post, so i'll do that another day, i'm gonna scan though my warez collection and watch some movies, later

Quote of the Day
Teacher "If you don't do the work, you'll fail and won't be come a solicitor"
A "But i wanted to be a fireman"
Teacher "If you keep this up you won't have any choice but to be one"
A "Yeah, thats what i want to do"

Sometimes, being a general "joker", lets you down when you are trying to be serious

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