Friday, October 07, 2005

Ward v Tesco, Yogurt can be dangerous to your health

First case, lady slips in a supermarket in 1976 and tries to sue Tesco's for damages, guess what folks, she loses. Lesson number 1 from your your favorite lawyer type guy, don't sue over yogurt, it's just not worth it
Anyways I got a Lecture at 11am so I'm chilling/washing till then. It's been a good week so far. Somebody keeps drinking my damn milk, it's very annoying. I to steal someone else this morning to eat my crunchy nut. Anyways I still haven't fixed the silly layout, I've only tried once since I've been fiddling with "Script Kiddy" tools and such, in a poor attempt to be L33T.
Anyway my mum, brother, and Tamara(Scott's girlfriend) are all coming up to see me this weekend so I gotta hide the cookies clean up. Check you all later.

Quote of the Day
A "Hey guys, that girls passed out on my bed, she's screwed"
B "Why are you here man, you should bang it"
A goes quiet and looks surprised for a couple of seconds
"Yeah, Yeah I'll see you guys later"

This is why getting High isn't always a fantastic idea, sometimes you forget the most obvious male urges...

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