Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One in three girls thinks i have a nice ass...

I'm back at uni again, live on the dual G5. Gotta do some research for courses and the such. Hopefully my new gadget the Palm TX comes out today, so i should be able to obess myself with that along with a possible video ipod.

Also these apple keyboards have real nice tactile feedback, feels like typing on air, almost kinda solid too, anyway enough about tech.

I got an email from Bignall, which said "I heard you are becoming a party animal" I would like to confirm that, Yes i am becoming a party animal, just kidding; Not really. The people here like to have a good time, whether this be drinking to excess, smoking to excess, or partying to excess. I'm like a deer caught in the headlights, i either stay at home and supply water for my 100'000 citizens in Simcity 4, or i go out and watch as my friends get wasted on werid types of alcahol, which are green and about 35%. I'm not really a party animal by any stretch of the imagination. just got bored of getting killed by the Aztecs on Civiliation 3.

See i'm just as sad as i always was, Plus to anyone coming to university, "Warez" (google it) is a real nice way to make friends, works like a charm. Now if only i could figure a way to use Bit torrent up in here :(

If your wondering why jon has been geekin' out its mainly cause tech is the only the only thing thats keeping me sane, it's not "rough" so to speak at uni, but the environment does wear on you after while. Everyone i know here, i've only known for 3 weeks, although it seems much shorter, the time is really starting to fly. I've been to loads of schools in the past, but this is sightly different, we are all adults(almost :)), and we have developed physically and mentally. Kiss-chase is an entirely different concept, nowadays(past primary school that is) Social activities have changed so much compared to when i was a child, i have even come to the recognition that my child hood is offically over, sad but true.

So you must all be wondering whats the headline about. Well i went to that Pimp's and Hoes party and some random girl, grabbed my rear and complimented it. Personally i think she was very drunk(mainly cause she had pupils the size of a 2 pence peice) however i also like to think that she has good taste. So she was with some friends that stay quite quiet about the whole thing, hence the statement.

Well i got look at some case law now and stop projecting my opinions about a-z, on you nice well meaning, readingl, bored folk.

Either way don't worry about me, and work your asses off, you never know somebody might just like it :)

Quote of the Day
A "Every boy's gotta have a F**K mix, have you got one?"
B "Yeah, course"
Me "Nah, never really felt the need for one"

Sometimes trying to tell the truth all the time, can be extremely funny


Trudi said...

I want normal Jon back

Trudi said...

A pimps n hoes party? Now Jon i dont wanna sound like ur mother, but wtf? Oh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Gunner_86 said...

ignore the woman :D go get laid my son..........

voice of authority over here

trudi said...

lol voice of authority

Vicky said...

Bloody hell Jon!
PARTY over there!