Thursday, October 13, 2005

41 year olds and 13 year olds don't mix

Hi people. Yesterday I went to court for the first time. I believe it was the crown court, cause they had barristers with wigs and such. Anyway the case that I sat in on was about a man who was accused of child molestation(I think). Although the stereotype is that these people are normally guilty I felt there was a wealth of facts, that backed up his case. Whether he was actually innocent or not that is for the jury to decide.

In other news I seem to be getting popular, I think I mentioned this already... Warez makes friends. My L33t skills and blu-ray have got me some prospective customers, so hopefully I should be building some nice PC's.

On the job front I'm still living the student life, so I'm poor and hungry, especially since I wanted to go to asda and get some stuff, but tonight I go to bed hungry. Please sir can have some more... But in reality I'm too lazy to go down stairs, and tesco's is closed now anyway.

Well I'm waiting for my phat loan from Tony to come though, until which time I'll just have dreams about my new T|X PDA, which will rock, not that I'm excited.

As for Friday night, I hope to go out(with someone) but some things never change, so certainly don't put your money on it happening.

I saw all the lovely comments from the last post. Normal, Hard core Geek Jon, still exists. I'm gonna start programming again :).

Also for all you Internet Explorer folks(aka people to lazy to get firefox) I'll try and fix the site again this weekend. Till another day take care, and I'm off to bed.

Quote of the Day
"Would you like to give the court an example of the kinda of Sexually explicit language that your son used"

Getting "court" can be really embrassing, stay out of trouble people


Faith said...

We want our John back

Gunner_86 said...

lol this is our jon, just come out of his shell a bit more which is always a cool thing.

Jons one of the only ones who was energetic enough to get off his ass and go uni lol.

Veritech said...

Go mike, you wanna job? Cause i haven't got any money, but your doing a nice job of defending me. You get a legal discount!