Sunday, October 16, 2005

For old times sake

i wonder which ones jon? It's the crew people, now seperated. funny thing is pretty much everyone on the left side of that photo has gone to uni. Ah, the days, do you remember that time, that... Never mind.

Anyways i ate a pack of haribo and i got gas, so thats what i'm upto. I spoke to chris today who sent me that picture so now i got something to mark your faces with to remember you all by. He also sent me a picture of me and him in a comprimising position and a picture of the once highly desired clare. Which i won't post cause i respect her, however i did send her a non drunken text asking her, why she shun'd my advances, i'm still awaiting a reply. Personally i don't think i'll ever get one, but i was pondering why it never worked it's not like i'm ugly.

In other non-clare related news i got these free cinema tickets, which i've ear marked for another lady, she does business with something or another, and i think her name starts with an N, i'm not being shady but i don't know her name. Anyway in my book i think shes nice. Now it's not normally my style to be "advancing" so quickly but as is my unstanding in street speak "Gash is limited" which basically means if i don't do something soon, there won't be another chance to do anything.

If you gotta any "normal" style dating tips feel free to drop them in the comments although i'm smoother than butter on a summer's afternoon, everyone needs a hand every now and then, and leave out the "be yourself" crap, the girl doesn't want to know how to optimize a socket A system, by tweaking the CAS latecy timings and upping the front side bus speed.

Before i go, found this in my archives, it's a list of all of my best memories from the ACS years, enjoy.

Right i'm off to bed gotta be up for 11am tomorrow for Legal Contexts,

Mens rea and all that...

Quote of the Day
Points at picture
A "Where are you in this picture?"
B "that's my mum"
A "Oh, i thought that was you"

Children and parents can look very alike


Vicky said...

i remember the sick!erm...who was the person that flashed at u? i hav a horrible feeling that i kno who it is...!
k some advice-dont try too hard!and dont tel her that u imagine urself married already!
had a couple of weirdoes announce stuff like that to me-its not good!

Veritech said...

Sorry that weirdo was me, my bad, damn promises of commitment and such... Just kidding i won't say who the people who flashed me were, just know that they (3)were all friends...

Vicky said...

really?! i guess ill never kno now! glad ur enjoyin uni mate, halls are wicked, u so wud hav missed out! u totally hav to tel us how ur date goes, u deserve nowt but the best!

Faith said...

Rember be yourself

No seriously that is the best thing to do but dont go into all the techy crap you gave us