Monday, October 24, 2005

Apparently it rains a lot in Southampton

A whole lot, I got soaked right though, in fact my coats so wet it's in the shower, in fact better go get before the milk thief gets it. Actually I literary just checked it, it's still wet.

Enough damp. Higher Hak's is coming on nicely, still no content yet, but with the stuff I'm doing on a daily basis it won't be like that for long. I came up with a fairly clever way of designing sites from the ground up, so I'm gonna try and apply it here to see if it actually changes anything, and stops the posts from ending up halfway down the page, annoying don't you think.

Well still no sign of the big fat check from Tony, which is nice cause I'll be starving this time into two weeks, This statement was sponsored by the British Labour party.

tomorrows my big day off, however as I've been hearing the best way to get though a degree (when it's full time at least) is to treat it like a job. Therefore a 9-5 affair, which makes a lot of sense, cause what are we gonna do when we leave? So tomorrow I'm gonna try and get all my work for the week done, you gotta take this investment thing seriously.

I might however break this up by indulging in some "techie porn", or at least that's what Adam calls it. He dropped like four thousand us dollars on a laptop, a desktop and a Video Ipod, but hey if you got the cash, why not. It compares the process of getting a new computers, to porn. It's the smell according to him, I think it's more like going to grandmothers for Christmas, there's loads of cake, and you can't eat it all, but your gonna do your damnest. Then after eating to excess you go to bed 2am cuddling you new device....
Where was I, yeah hopefully I'll get my T|X this week, if you knew the pain that my once glorious Clio has become you would understand why I'm looking forward to this so much, not to mention portable wifi, now if only I could get Bit-torrent for palm os...
Plus I just thought, who wants to get together and donate cash so I can but a 12" powerbook, it's only a grand, if each of you give a hundred quid I'll have it in no time

Oh, though it's not like me, using your various "sources" check out this song by Freeway called "You got me" featuring none other than the diva that is Mariah Carey. Good track, in my humble opinion.

What ever happened to the whole date thing? Well I haven't since the person in question, but I assure you all in typical Jon fashion I good lists of witty remarks that will get me slapped in the face that are bound to sweep her off her feet.

Oh yeah, and I actually implement that design over on Higher hak's so check it out and tell me what you think, I know it's broke, work with me here people.

Anyway until another day take care, and enjoy life, look after each other by sharing music via p2p, and come back tomorrow!

Quote of the Day
A "You should have seen it, there was blood still dripping out of it, I wouldn't have eaten it, but you know, I was hungry" B "I thought it was gonna jump out of the plate like" Me "Just as well I missed dinner then"

Raw beef is very bad, but I'm hungry... Cook your food people

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