Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You can't Roll Deep round here

Who's that N double E, just kidding folks. I just got back the freshers ball. Which was sick, I met Wiley of Roll Deep fame. I said I liked the album, which I did, I still wonder who ate who the pies. Anyways Roll Deep, as a group is a bit of a joke in my eyes, but hey that's a whole other conversation. If you wondering it's 3am, so I'm sync with the day. I haven't gotta go in tomorrow so that's fine.
I got pictures of the nights events, but if I'm honest I can't be bothered to post them tonight. Most people still haven't got back from the club "icon" which I almost got rejected by again, for the second time, but it wasn't that bad. I went back to Bambuubar with Fuad, and Billy before we went to the ball, however it wasn't has happening as the night before.
In traditional Jon fashion, I now have my eye on someone(here we go again). It's funny cause I didn't really warm to her the first time I saw her, but now(two days later) I like her a lot more. Shes one of the people I was talking too the day I stayed up till 8am. What I'm gonna do, I have no clue. I'll come up with something, but with unlimited time, no curfew, and no cash, I think I should be able to come with something good. Oh and she's like 20, ah just realized I already told you all her name, screw it, Chloe, Nice girl. We'll see.
That reminds me I got this stupid thing where I don't like girls the first time I meet them, and then give it two weeks and I'm into them, tongue out, the whole love slave crap, strange, and very sad.
I applied for some more jobs. Nothings come-though yet, but I'm confident something should happen soon. Well that's about it for today/tonight. Pictures and Chloe updates tomorrow, just remember, that like 4 other folks are gunning for her too. All three I know :), so it's time to get bitchy smart. Anyways till tomorrow take all, I'm out.

Oh and here are some new words and phases I use.

"I'm out"- I'm quitting
"That's Live"/"It's Live"- It's happening/exciting
"seventh"- that's where I live

Quote of the Day
"Why do you look like a wall flower?"

That's what you get for trying to lean on the wall at a "Live" party


Faith said...

Johns a party animal

You started drinking once im not around... VERY ashamed at you. Will have words with you when I aint had any drinks, but might be a bit thirsty then.

Long time no talk here Johny and lets see what i can do as to "Help" as it were

Strange as Always


Vicky said...

u dont warm to them at first, eh?! lol!