Friday, September 30, 2005

Google me (again)

How it's going. After getting an hour and half of sleep yesterday morning, I went to lessons. I felt like crap, I then proceeded back to my room and slept for about 10 hours. I feel much better now. I plan to go out tonight, gonna wait to see what everyone else is getting down too, and then decide. Where ever we go we get about 10 + flyers from various clubs and bars inviting us to come and drop our cash at their establishment, with the promise of cheap drinks and "Good" music. So finding a night spot shouldn't be too hard.
If other news, when you google my name, guess which wonderfully coded website turns up at the top of the list, that's right people me. This is good and bad. Good cause as long as you spell my surname you can find me on the net. It's bad cause I can't say random crap about people cause all they have do is know my name. Oh well it should keep me in line, and make sure I don't do any drunk posts after rejecting some "chick", not that ever happens...
The freshers ball is on Monday and I've been told by my new friend John Legend(he looks like the artist, really) that Roll deep will be there, so I'll be making my way to "the avenue".
Weather down here is pants, overcast, and depressing, but I got the COD2 demo so I think I'll manage, I miss doing Head shots in COD on line but oh well.
Also one of my old friends from Stanley Tech(my school before ACS) David, who is somewhat of a genius(He single handedly moved our school up though the rankings over a couple of years), is moving down here, to go the studious uni, he should be coming on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that, I haven't seen him in almost 3 years. So it should provide us with an interest list of catch up topics.
Lastly for all you fools visitors still using that spyware magnet otherwise known as Internet explorer, I'm gonna attempt to fix the page so the content actually lines up with the sidebar instead of at the bottom of the page. To think I almost did as a Job, thanks Microsoft.

Oh Trudi, stop reading now...
Phil you should have moved to halls, you're gonna miss out on a whole lot of parting(not that i condone the practice) by traving back and forth. Either way remember "you've got the magic stick", lol don't worry trudi i'm kidding about the last bit, but seriously i did tell you to stop.

Quote of the Day
"I'll get some {Insert Class C Drug of choice here} and some{Insert Class B Drug of choice here} and if you like it we'll make a deal, if you don't, we'll just smoke it all."

A certain "herb" widely known to most teens, seems to be especially popular around here


NikBiz said...

Hey Jon. Sounds like your living it up. Good good!

Well, *refering to the drugs* everything in moderation is good for you? Right? hehe.

Anyway, keep on with the rock and roll lifestyle lol.


Trudi and Phil said...

Harroh Jon!