Thursday, September 29, 2005

I haven't slept in 21 hours

Morning people. The title speaks the truth, I haven't slept since about 9 am on September 28th. It's now 6.48am on September 29th. To say that university is a massive party is an understatement, This place is crazy. I got a lecture at 10 am so I have to stay awake for that, people that have done this kinda thing will understand why it's important not to go to sleep.
Today I applied for a couple job's, then went off to help Ashley get a bike, with our other new friend Marvin. After that we went and met Will and "Charlie"(I've been told that's not his real name but it's his nick name, I'll let you do the guess work.)Will has a PS2 and Pro Evo 4, so me and him should get along. After that we decided to go and watch the Champions League match, Chelsea vs Liverpool, when the abuse had ceased we headed to "Ikon" where we got rejected because we didn't a have a student card, which we haven't even been issued with yet. Oh I forgot to mention that its was raining, so we got a taxi back to our hall. After arriving there we got upstairs to find that almost everyone was out. After going to a crap party on the 5th floor I finally settled on a nice one on the ground floor. Marvin and Ashley, were "into" this girl called Chloe. She's ok, she's from basingstoke, nice person overall. Anyways we whittled away the time chatting crap, as we do. I got labeled Bernie Mac, cause everything I say is a joke, I was also accused of getting high of plain digestives; long story. Anyways we stayed with Chloe till about 6 and then decided to split, its been pretty mad. So I'm gonna try and roll with no sleep till this afternoon, lot's of coffee and crap, wish me luck, I don't want to snore in my lectures.

Till the next time, peace out...Sleep in

Quote of the Day
If you sleep now, your screwed

The facts of what happens when you don't go to sleep

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Phil said...

Hi jon nice 2 c ur takin it 'easy' at uni, do u kno wen ur gonna b commin bk coz it wld b nice 2 cya, u probs wnt b bk b4 xmas tho finkin abt it, or tho we may b tryin 2 get u bk 4 bizwells party if u wanna that is, Cya mate.