Monday, September 26, 2005

Party People

Morning folks, ok it's official I'm in the party block. My room, 730, is the last room in the entire block. The seventh floor is "reserved" for all the folks who applied late. It's 10 Lad's who like a party. We went out on the town last night, pissed as the usual students is, I didn't have as much as the rest of the 7's, however what really messed me up was a lazy decision to buy a burger from the local kebab shop. My stomach has since turned into a hurricane, I really feel like crap, been sick too all over a pair of jeans which got bin'd as a result, and yes I'm sure it was the burger.

In other news my block has the official Lucia foster Welch party floor, floor 5. They had a party for two nights in a row. Tonight the world famous Tim Westwood is coming to town, at a club we visited but didn't actually go in, cause we thought it was gonna be expensive, Walkabout.

Apart from the miniature storm in my stomach I've been good it's all home cooking for me from now, well almost. It's been a blast so far, I've even had a degree of success
with the opposite sex, yes Jon isn't gay, amazing. I wasn't really interested though especially as she's in my law class which begins in just over a hour.

Last night I went to bed at 3am Uni life has began, we/I don't know what we are gonna do tonight but I might go see Westwood, outside the club, sample the atmosphere, and then make my way out and back here. But the way I feel I might just stay here.

Here's where all the people in my hall are from
  • Cornwall x 1
  • London x2
  • Oxford x2
  • Manchester x1
  • Leeds x1

Right about 6 hours have passed sinced I finished the above paragraph. So I'm back after my induction day, we went to the library and stuff. As for tonight I plan to go with Ashley(Ash is from London) to go see Tottenham Vs Fulham, however I think he wants to go see Westwood, mainly to try and pick up chicks, that's what uni students do pick up chicks, seems easy enough.

Well I feel a little better now on the stomach front. Damien is gonna cook us dinner so I'm all for that especially as I was only gonna make crap(Beans and toast). Till tomorrow take care
Quote of the Day
ME"Hey, she said she likes your boots, that's a metaphor you know
"Your Sick"
Me "she said she liked them"

Ah, the lad's of the seventh floor.

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