Friday, September 09, 2005

Dead blog

I'm gonna try and beathe some life into my dead blog, mainly by posting. I went to into school today to see the folks, it was nice to see everyone again, been really boring here at home by myself. I might actually go on msn! Anyways, it was strange being in the common room knowing that I had no real purpose to actually be there. But one thing that has struck me was ... The reaction of a certain "person". When she saw me she look like the big orange guy from the tango ad's had slapped her in the face and ran off. Plus she behaved like she scared of me like I was gonna do something crazy any minute. I'm not sure why she was acting like that, I certainly wasn't planning on jumping on her and licking her face like a kitten on speed. Talking about Kitten's Jade's got a really cute one(kitten that is!), it's got nice eyes and is real friendly, pity it would eventually kill me.

Anyway I got a little present on Tuesday, which has partially been why I haven't been around...

Dreamy...Before you start getting jealous, the Laptop's aren't mine :(. My mum good a new one(one on the right) to replace her old one which is slow, and has a cracked lid and can't close, anyway it's going on ebay later today, I'll miss it sorta, done so much to it to keep it running, but at least I won't get moaned at when stuff goes south, a relief after 4 years.

While I'm on hardware I'm in the process of downloading OSX86, the x86 version of Apple's OS X, to test out on the new laptop. After two days of continuous downloading it's only at 13% of the total 1.28GB. I estimate another week should do it. Plus I'm finally gonna get Blu-ray sorted, I've ordered a 160GB Western Digital HDD with I'm in love with before I've even got it. Doesn't come till next week so I'll have to live with 2GB of free space till then.(In case your wondering the OSX is coming down onto a different PC).

Anyway if my "l33t" idea works, concerning OSX86 I'll post up a screen shot, and maybe even a video... Anyways it's only two weeks now till I jet off. I was thinking of having a little leaving get together if your interested post in the comments.

As for Mr. Kanye, I plan to make the line "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" my ringtone, should make a good conversation starter on the southcoast, Holla... Also the person who commented on Mr. West's quote, thank you for being reasonable in your comment however I tend to agree with Kanye, and it's not cause we'll "brothers" however I believe the situation in "Nawins" is a result of underfunding(defenses), ignorance(People and authorities), Iraq(national guard), and a pinch of good ol' fashioned racism. People who know me know I'm not Malcom X half the time, but when something isn't right, it isn't right -{End rant.}

Well till another time take care folks, keep safe and in the words of jerry "Take care of yourselves, and each other"

Quote of the Day
Westwood "Your skater game is strong, but your car game is weak"

Someone please tell me where in the/what planet does this man come from? And why does he talk like he's "Mad crazy", Holla bak yo


Gunner_86 said...

yay party. :D:D

just outta curiousity what u guna do with the server? leave it running at yours 24/7?

Veritech said...

nope i can't do that, really so i'm gonna setup the server round's phil's, with the team speak and everything so you guys can handle everything and leave my little server in relative peace.