Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sunny Southampton

Howdy people from Sunny Southampton. I'm now on my own in my "lovely" room, it's a little on the small side but hey it's got nice view. I'm on the seventh floor aka the top one, it's good exercise but really wearing on your legs. I haven't met anyone really yet. It's not like I imagined, each floor is separated into groups of ten rooms, on my floor there are three groups. Only students who reside inside each section have access to that section. Each section has a kitchen, three toilets and three showers. We have a electionic key "fob" that gets us into the building, and our section, and a physical key for our actual rooms.
There's a whole big book about all the rules and stuff for living in halls, but according to a fairly reliable source we can do pretty much anything we like, including drugs, wild sex games, and parties, as long as we don't play music too loud or have fights, I think I'll be ok.
As for the net access, it's pretty fast but unfortunately no gaming for me. All ports are blocked apart from HTTP, FTP POP and a few other things. Now I didn't carry a TV cause I would of had to get a TV license, and we all know I'm a cheap skate, so that was never gonna happen. I might buy a PC TV card and hide it when the nice folk from TV licensing come round, but there's a TV in the kitchen and I got Digg so I'll be cool.

The town it's self is quite nice, my mum took me to this Chinese restaurant, across the street from where I'm living which was the nicest one I think I've ever been too. I can see St. Mary's Stadium from where I'm staying if I go to the end of the hall. It's to the right of where my window looks. In fact there's a ferrari 575 parked in the car park down there! The cranes you can see are the actual port of Southampton.
On a sligthly sad not I just thought about my Grandfather who always said he wanted to see me make something of myself, and reach all the lofty goals that I used to set for myself, sadly he's not alive to see me go to University, makes you wanna ensure that you enjoy every last waking moment that you have on earth.
On a final note, Jon's got a Job, sort of. I now a reviewer and writer for Sudhian Media. It's a long story how I got the job, but I'm currently working on my first piece and hopefully it will be well accepted. Check out there site, there pretty jazz'd to have me writing for them, I'm happy to work so it should work well.

Oh and now that I'm around people again expect quote of the day to make a big time come back, which should be nice. The countdown to graduation should really go up now

South coast is Out!


Gunner_86 said...

nice too see u settled in m8, WTF about the gaming tell them to go get it sorted :D i miss whooping ur ass at CoD. so when have u got a room warming party and inviting us lot down there lol?

see u on msn or something

Trudi said...

Have fun at uni Jon, gonna miss ya :)